Joe Goes The Extra Mile

Posted: April 28, 2015

Our baker Joe will be swapping his apron for running shoes and taking part in over 100k of running over the next few months! He’s signed up for 6 events, with distances ranging from 10k to a marathon. Joe’s friends ran the Yorkshire Marathon last year (“I had no time to train then, I would have embarrassed myself”) so he thought he’d do it this year and throw in a few extra events!

Joe completed the first of his long list of runs, the Sheffield Half Marathon on April 12th, but how is he feeling with another 5 events to go?

“The half marathon was really tough. I’ve never run that distance before but the atmosphere was fantastic, it swept me along.” Joe’s legs are still in working order – he walked away from his first half marathon with just a couple of blisters – impressive for someone who hasn’t run since leaving school!

Joe will also be taking part in the Hull 10k, Lancaster 10k, Leeds 10k, York 10k and finishing with The Yorkshire Marathon on October 11thHe’s looking forward to the challenge ahead, and is feeling positive: “The next one’s not for 2 months so I might add a couple more in!” Joe has also signed up to the 1.5k Junior run in York with his 6 year old son.

Will he be running in fancy dress? Not a chance – “It’s hard enough in proper running gear, and it was great that Sara and Andy paid the entrance fees – I’ve been able to invest in some decent running shoes!”

Joe is running in support of two fantastic charities; Magic Breakfast, who provide free breakfasts in schools and The Candlelighters Trust, who fight children’s cancer in Yorkshire. If you’d like to help support either, please click the Just Giving links below.

Best of luck to you Joe!

Just Giving – Magic Breakfast
Just Giving – The Candlelighters Trust