Ten Good Reasons To Drink Bagel Nash Coffee

Bagel Nash Coffee is a 100% Arabica Blend – unlike many other high street blends that can contain up to 80% Robusta coffee.

What is the difference between Arabica and Robusta coffee?
Arabica is a high quality coffee with a rich but milder flavour and aroma – it’s often used in speciality coffee blends. It grows best in shade above 1000m (3,000ft); it’s harder to grow than Robusta as it’s more susceptible to disease and fetches a higher price at market.

Robusta Coffee is a ‘cheaper coffee’. It has twice the caffeine of Arabica coffee and is widely used to add flavour to instant coffee and stronger coffee roasts. It grows at lower altitudes and is sold at a lower price.

Bagel Nash Coffee is a unique blend created just for us – you can’t buy it anywhere else.

What makes Bagel Nash Coffee taste so good?
Although it would have been easy to accept an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution we spent six months working with our Coffee Buyer to create the perfect cup of coffee for Bagel Nash customers. We wanted it to have plenty of flavour but none of the bitterness common to many other high street coffees.

The Bagel Nash blend is comprised of 100% high-grown Arabica beans from Africa and Central and South America. We have roasted the beans on the darker side of medium to allow the wonderful nuances of flavour to
shine through, whilst creating enough body and strength to make first class cappuccinos and lattes. Aficionados of espresso will also appreciate the characteristics of this coffee; chocolate, nuttiness and sweet orange notes on the finish. It lends itself very well to Americano – black coffees – too.

Bagel Nash Coffee is Rainforest Alliance accredited.

What does this mean?
At Bagel Nash we believe that the quality of our coffee must be enjoyed in the cup but that the quality of the lives of those that grow it for us must also be considered. That’s why our coffee is certified by the Rainforest Alliance which guarantees that farmers follow sound agricultural practices that protect forests, rivers, soils and wildlife while being good community neighbours.

Rainforest Alliance certification also ensures that workers have just wages, dignified living conditions and access to education and health care. Rainforest Alliance certified coffees command a premium in the market place meaning that the farmers we work with are rewarded fairly for their efforts.

Bagel Nash Decaf Coffee is a naturally decaffeinated coffee.

What does this mean?
Caffeine is often extracted from coffee using chemicals (similar to those used in dry cleaning!)

Bagel Nash Decaf blend is a naturally decaffeinated coffee with CO2 used to remove the caffeine instead of chemicals. It’s a slower more expensive process that preserves all of the flavour without the chemical residue.

Bagel Nash Coffee is sourced, roasted and packed by a local coffee supplier.

Who are we working with and why did we choose this supplier?
We are partnering a small, independent coffee roaster based in the East Riding. They source, roast and then pack coffee allowing us to influence every stage of the process.

We’ve even got our own dedicated coffee development team; Mike & Sean.

How will they be helping?
As well as keeping a watchful eye on the quality of our coffee and service they will support with the development of the coffee menu and staff training. Mike is an independent coffee consultant who has spent 25 years in the coffee trade; sourcing, buying and blending award winning coffees from all around the world, and Sean is our ‘Lincoln and York’ buyer and is a qualified City & Guilds Trainer.

Bagel Nash Coffee is slow roasted in small batches.

Why does this make a difference?
The coffee is slow roasted in small batches in traditional drum roasters; a process that allows the full flavour to develop and offers better control of the process.

Bagel Nash Coffee is packed fresh from the roaster.

Why does this make a difference?
Coffee gives off gas when freshly roasted. If left to cool, flavour is quickly lost and staling occurs.

You will note a freshness valve incorporated into every coffee pack. This allows the gas to escape once the coffee has been packed and keeps the coffee fresh for up to 18 months

We’re investing in state of the art Italian ’bean to cup’ coffee machines.

Isn’t a traditional espresso machine service what our customers expect?
Not necessarily; research suggests what’s really important is speed of service, consistency and, of course, offering a great tasting cup of coffee every time. Many high street chains (Pret, Pizza Express, Eat, Bettys) now offer a ‘bean to cup’ service.


All Bagel Nash staff receives basic product knowledge and Barista training. A ‘Coffee Champion’ is appointed at every branch to ensure that our high standards are being met continuously.

‘Coffee Champions’ receive specialised off- the-job training and benefit from regular contact with our Coffee Consultant and Buyer. They have direct responsibility for the quality of coffee at their branch and the service and staff training plan.