Food & Drink


100% Goodness

Our philosophy is simple. Use the best natural ingredients to create freshly made to order food that is nutritional, satisfying and indulgent.

The art of sandwich making looks simple, but requires a lot of passion and thought to create the bite that will make you go: “Wow!!!, I never knew that a sandwich can taste that good!!!”

We have been making bagels and filling them for over twenty years and have always adapted our menus to feature new fillings and ingredient combinations that maintain the WOW Factor in the foods that we make.

How do we create these sumptuous sandwiches?

1. A perfect sandwich always starts with a great carrier, in our case we have the perfect solution in the shape of a bagel. Bagels are a good choice for everyone, with only 1gm of fat per plain bagel and containing 100% natural ingredients. Our bagels are baked in store throughout the day and are then toasted just before they are filled, still oozing with that just baked smell and taste sensation.

2. Next comes our ingredients, that are natural and of the highest quality available.

3. We then assemble the bagel to give just the right balance of flavours, nutrition and texture.

Our Deli concept means that its all made freshly just the way you like it so if youd rather have no mayo- thats fine, more avocado- great! We are here to give you 100% SATISFACTION and that is why we offer 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with all our foods. If youre not over the moon with what you had- you can get another item or refund.

100% Fair Trade Coffee

We use only Fair Trade Coffee Beans because we believe in running an ethical business that is not focus only on the bottom line. We believe in giving the coffee growers a fair deal and allow them to re invest in their businesses and local communities. Our coffee beans are available in our stores.

100% Pure Fruit Smoothies

We use only 100% Real Fruit to make our delicious smoothies. Keep it pure & simple is our philosophy, why complicate and mess with Mother Nature goodness?