Our Concept

Think Fresh, Eat Healthy, Love Bagel Nash!

We bring to the high street a fresh and unique concept based on a ‘Fast-Casual Deli’ experience. We are totally committed to excellence in all aspects of our business, whilst having fun and making our customers happy!

We offer an exciting alternative to the chain upon chain of sandwich & coffee brands who sell pre-packed sandwiches that have been made miles and miles away and carry a ‘shelf life’ sticker. Our menu is all about Healthy Eating. It is original and inspiring and offers customers a new and refreshing concept of freshly prepared healthy Bagels, Wraps & Panninis, speciality Rain Forest Alliance Coffees, Fresh Smoothies and Freshly Baked Muffins.

Our wide menu selection is aimed at discerning customers, who care about what they eat and like to do it in a stylish, fast, efficient and friendly environment.

We have set ourselves a target to spread the love of bagels around the globe!

“…..the last time I was so excited with an eating concept, was the first time I had a Starbucks coffee in the US about ten years ago….”  (e-mail from an excited customer)